2016 Italy International Agricultural Machinery and Garden Machinery Exhibition


November 9-13, 2016 (every two years)





Exhibition Name: The 42nd Italy International Agricultural Machinery and Garden Machinery Exhibition

Exhibition time: November 9-13, 2016 (every two years)

Venue: International Exhibition Center, Bologna, Italy

Booth: 18bis A2-1


Exhibition introduction: The Italian International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition is a professional agricultural machinery exhibition organized by the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Association (UNACOMA service surl), which has been successfully held for 41 sessions. In 2014, the exhibition area was 180,000 square meters (20 exhibition halls), 1601 exhibitors (464 foreign exhibitors), 166,429 visitors, including 26,331 foreign visitors (20,662 in Europe, 1,350 in the Americas, and Asia) 3325 people, 602 people in Africa, 392 people in Oceania), 29 countries sent delegations to visit. It is a grand meeting of agricultural machinery manufacturers and distributors in the world, and one of the largest and influential agricultural machinery exhibitions in the world. Due to the cancellation of the Italian Bologna Horticultural Machinery Exhibition [EIMA GREEN] originally scheduled to be held in 2011, the 2014 Italian Agricultural Machinery Exhibition will add 2-3 horticultural pavilions (planned 20,000 square meters) to display garden machinery equipment. Exhibits: agricultural machinery parts and components, agricultural machinery, tractors, harvesters, rice transplanters, threshing, sorting and storage equipment, field operations machinery, tillage planting machinery, fertilizing machinery, plant protection machinery, plant protection supplies; agricultural and sideline products processing machinery , Livestock machinery, small power machinery and supporting product machinery: micro tillage machines, rotary tillers, various types of agricultural machinery, gasoline engines, diesel engines, generator sets, pump units, tillage machines, washing machines; gardening machinery: lawn tools and maintenance equipment, Lawn mowers, pruning machines, chainsaws and other gardening, gardening tools, equipment and supplies. Water-saving irrigation machinery and equipment, drainage irrigation equipment, pumps and drainage systems, etc.; agricultural solar machinery and equipment, engineering machinery, two-end busy, dairy processing machinery, forestry processing machinery, transportation equipment, fishery supplies; seedlings and flowers; Biomass energy, new energy, biogas construction and utilization; facility agriculture: all kinds of greenhouse machinery and equipment, construction materials, greenhouse automation products