2017 Hannover International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition 2017-11-12


Exhibition time: 2017/11/12--2017/11/18

Exhibition name: Hannover International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, Germany Exhibition
Time: 2017/11/12--2017/11/18
Exhibition location: Hannover Exhibition Center, Germany
Booth: 18.C20


Exhibition Introduction:


Agritechnica——Germany Hannover International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition is held every two years, held in the Hannover Exhibition Center. The exhibition started in 1986. It is an international exhibition specializing in machinery and equipment used in the agricultural field. It is the world's largest international agricultural machinery exhibition. Each session attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. As the world's leading and world-class agricultural machinery and equipment exhibition.


Agritechnica——Germany International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition is a professional-level international event integrating agricultural machinery, equipment and management. It is hosted by the German Agricultural Association, which is the top organization in the field of German agriculture and food. You can use Agritechnica as a platform to establish and deepen business contacts with customers, and discover innovative products in the industry in a timely manner. Needless to say, this is an excellent exhibition to understand the global agricultural machinery and equipment!

Agritechnica——German Agricultural Machinery Exhibition provides an ideal platform for business negotiation, project investment, technical cooperation and academic discussion for suppliers, distribution agents, users and industry experts from all over the world. At that time, internationally renowned manufacturers will gather here, which is an excellent opportunity to obtain international cooperation. Agricultural machinery, agricultural tools, tractors, agricultural transport machinery, agricultural tillage machinery, seed sorting machines, pulverizers, fruit and vegetable dryers, seeders, gasoline engines, diesel engines, generator sets, sprinkler irrigation equipment, harvesters, livestock machinery, veterinary medicine, agricultural fertilizers , Greenhouse facilities, water pumps, garden tools, lawn mowers, agricultural machinery parts, hydraulic parts, tools, tires, lubricants, packaging machinery and packaging materials and other products.